CCI Assignment

This is your "Country Choice Interview" Assignment!

The following questions provide a framework to help you think about what you might already know or think you know about your country and formulate questions to guide your experience!

Go to the Country Choice Interview page for your PAC Site.
  1. Why:   Explain why you decided to adopt this country.
  2. Know:  Describe what you already know your adopted country
  3. Want:  What do you want to know about your country? 
  4. What do you wonder about or what would you like to know more about?

Evaluation Criteria:  10 Points

Each answer is thoughtful with supporting details (6)

Page has consistent headings and paragraphs fonts and sizes.  An attractive layout. (2)

The country flag/or other supporting image  is included with a source citation and annotated with key facts. (2)

Subpages (1): Example of CCI