Getting started with PAC

Assignments are posted in Classroom. Go to Join Project Adopt A Country.

Adopt A Country is a year long project that is designed to challenge and to provide an opportunity for you to demonstrate your understanding of another country's economy, culture, geography, food, society, education, plants & wildlife, etc and how these areas relate and compare to that of the United States.

This project is technology rich and is intended to increase your skills and abilities to research, analyze, and synthesize information and represent your understanding in various formats. There are many technology projects an d choices for you throughout the year.

You will learn how to build and create (digital portfolio) for all of your work. This will showcase your essays, graphs, timelines, scanned maps, and slideshows.

Project choices include Glogs, Presentations, Videos, Documents, Essays, and other Web 2.0 presentation tools.

Most of the work in this project will be able to be completed on any computer with an Internet connection which means you can work from home, the library, at school - just about anywhere!

First, you will choose country! Make this choice carefully. It may be a country from which your ancestors emigrated, or it may be a country that you have relatives living in, or it may simply be a country that fascinates or intrigues you.
Remember this is your project; you will spend a lot of time on it so select your country wisely and carefully.