MLS Health Office

Ann Martel-Marton
, School Nurse 

Medication forms 
may be downloaded from 

State Laws require a physician signature for anything other than over the counter medications to be administered at school. Any medication must come in a labeled container.  NO MEDICATION will be given if it is in a baggie.   All medicines are to be kept in the Health Office while your child is at school.

Please let the Health office know if your child is taking any medications.  This is confidential information and will be part of their health record.  There are side effects to all medications and it helps to know if there are reasons for unexplained headaches or stomach aches.

Please let the health office know if your child has Strep throat or another contagious illness.  We can better understand what is happening in our school population if we work as a team.  We are particularly concerned about flu virus this year.  If your child has a fever,  they must stay at home and be fever free for 24 hours before returning to school.  We hope to have a healthy school year and please call with any questions or concerns.

Ann Martel-Marton RN

  • Please check your child for wood or lyme ticks after they play outside. For more information about ticks, and tips to safely remove them click here
     Please remember to start the day with a good breakfast and bring in a healthy snack for 10:00 snack time at our school.  Start the day right!
Please call the nurse if your child has an itchy head.  A team approach will keep head lice out of our school.  For more information click here
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