Class News-Ms. Wild & Miss Luci April 4, 2017

Here’s an activity to try:

Language Arts

  • We’ve been isolating sounds in words and then writing them. This is a complex task: you have to think of the letter that matches the sound as well as remember all the sounds/letters as you write.

    • We have introduced the concept of “silent e”. Today we turned ‘mad’ into ‘made’, ‘quit’ into ‘quite’, and ‘kit’ into ‘kite’.

  • At the start of reading groups we’ve been taking letters out of order and putting them into alphabetical order. Try asking your child a letter before or after a letter: “What’s after B?” or “What’s before S?”

  • We continue to work on sequencing and re-telling stories using the words “First, Next or Then, and Last”.

  • Our next writing project is focused on Spring! After that we will be writing about chickens!

Important Dates & Things to Remember:

  • THIS Friday April 7th is a special Morning Sing to thank our volunteers! We thank ALL families for their support whether they are able to volunteer their time or not….especially all those changes of clothes!!

  • Wednesday April 12th and Thursday April 13th are Early Release days for parent conferences School ends at 1:00.

  • NO School from April 17th through April 21st.

  • The eggs are coming soon! We will be hatching eggs in our classrooms!

Ask your child about our dog and cat experiment!

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