My hope is that third grade will be a great new adventure for your child! I want my students to feel safe and comfortable, make new friends, and love learning! I know that you want those things for them as well. I look forward to a rich and rewarding partnership with you. After all, you parents are your children's most important and most influential teachers!
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It's important to stay in touch! Please feel free to email or call with any questions, comments, or concerns.

MLS Phone: 603-298-8202, ext. 5107

The best time to reach me during the school day is when students are at their Special classes. 
Please see the Typical Schedule for these times. 

The Lions' Way

At Mt. Lebanon School, we are proud of our Lions' Way approach to school-wide expectations. The 
Lions' Way is the perfect blend of Responsive Classroom and PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports.)

The balanced integration of social and academic learning is essential to children's growth. This is the
philosophy of the Responsive Classroom approach, which we follow here at Mt. Lebanon School.

A school community that emphasizes Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports uses proactive strategies to define, teach, and support appropriate student behaviors to create a positive school
environment. Positive behavior supports are applied in all school environments in which teaching and 
learning occur. They are designed to encourage desired behavior.

Growth Mindset

We'll be talking a lot this year about having a "growth mindset." Maybe you've heard the phrase being tossed around and are wondering what it means. You'll find more information on the Raising Successful Kids page. 


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