Ms. Stephanie Karabaic-Welcomes 21st Reading Students
Welcome to my 21st Century Classroom!
We live in the 21st Century
and we use 21st century tools to learn in my classroom!
You will improve your reading comprehension skills, vocabulary, note-taking skills, and basic writing skills. You will read informational text and fictional ebooks using ipads. You will connect to text creating writing responses to teacher prompts relating to your novels and informational reading. CCSS-Common Core Standards are now guiding your education in every single class you take and will take in high school.
Common Core standards are raising the bar for students' reading and the expectation will be that you can read, interpret, analyze, explore, document, justify, and make logical inferences reading longer grade level reading samples. If you haven't spent time reading lately, you will be challenged on these tests! Reading, understanding deeply, and interpreting what you read has never been more important!
 We will be using many wonderful educational apps on the ipads. We will also use art and employ Gardner's Multiple Intelligences-connecting art and our reading!
You will learn by reading and using 21st Century Learning Tools and Strategies!

You will use these  tools responsibly and adhere to policies set force for acceptable use. If you have never used these tools in your classrooms before, you are about to turn up the volume on your learning!

Stephanie Karabaic, 21st Century Reading & Literacy-Integrated Reading and Writing

Class Participation Rubric

The Reading Support Program at LJHS is a web based 21st Century Reading and Literacy program. Students come into this program based on teacher referral and past history in reading classes. Students at this level know how to read, but often have difficulty comprehending and recalling information from their reading. The focus of instruction at this level is the teaching of research based reading strategies that will assist students in comprehending and recalling their non-fiction and fiction reading with a higher degree of success. In addition to reading fiction and non fiction materials, students will work on improving their overall literacy including developing research strategies, web based reading and writing responses, vocabulary development, and maintaining their Reading Support Program E-Portfolio.

An Altered Art Student Connection To Text

Another Altered Art and Big Idea Connection To our Novel

My 21st Century Classroom

Here are some pictures of our new Ipad 2s getting used for reading and note making as we read. My students LOVE this new tool that increases their motivation to read and interact with the text. These are just some of my students enjoying having these ipads to work with! On the slide when you see the blue, that is an 'inside the text' note that we are able to add. We add our thoughts, questions, predictions, and words defined as it all applies to the text we are reading. Those notes are stored and saved, so we can revisit them at any time. What an awesome tool this is to increase student interaction with the text and develop their reading strategies! Oh, and it's fun, too!

Ipads in Ms. Karabaic's 21st Century Reading and Literacy Class

Laptops, iPads...

Students will be using a combination of laptops, netbooks and Ipad 2s  in this class. I wrote and was awarded a NH Struggling Reader's Grant for using technology in my reading and writing classroom last year. With that grant I  purchased 4 Ipad 2s and my students used them for reading and improving overall literacy. The goal of this grant was to gain the latest and greatest 21st Century tools, for my 21st Century Reading and Literacy Classroom and maximize student interest, engagement, and reading and literacy skills.