Lebanon High School
Technology Integration

LHS Computer Lab (Room 16)

Recent Upgrades:

Please note that Side "A" is where the primary presentation station is in the Lab. 
The Side "A" projector is interactive, with SMART Notebook 15 and Epson Easy Interactive Tools.
Mirroring of the primary projector is available on Side "B."

Computer Lab Room 16 A

Computer Lab Room 16 B

Reserving Lab Space

Alerts & announcements:

None currently.

Instructions for how to reserve time in the Computer Lab:

Before following these steps, you should have your own Google Calendar created. If you don't, then from your LebApps account (SAU email): Click on the 9-square waffle grid in upper right, then "Calendar," and do so.

Add the computer lab calendars to your own calendar by clicking on the "+GoogleCalendar" button to the lower right of each calendar.

Please make sure, from the calendars at left or by enabling the color-coded calendars for the two sides of the Lab to be seen on your own calendar, that the time slot that you want is not already being used.

1. In your own calendar, click CREATE. Or, you can click and drag in the time spot that you want, followed by editing the event.

2. Give a title to your event: e.g. "Wenig - Bio per. 2." 

Note that it is important to put the PERIOD into the title, since the start and end times of our periods do not match with simple hourly/quarterly/half-hourly times in Google Calendar. If you are booking two or more consecutive periods, you can put, say, "Per 2, 3, 4."

3. Select the date, and set the start and end times that best match the period that you want.

4. On the right, next to "Add: Guests" click "Rooms, etc." Select the lab space you want.

5. Make sure you SAVE your event. Your selected time should now appear in your calendar. You can always click on it and then make any necessary edits.

Note that the alternate way of creating your reservation is to find the date you want in your calendar, and clicking & dragging for the time frame. You can then edit the event, and choose the appropriate Room 16 portion. 

Are your plans changing? Please DELETE any reservations for computer lab space if you won't be using!


Please note that the iMacs that had been together in one corner of Rm. 16 have now been moved. Four of them are in Rm. 10.  There are also a couple of newer machines in Room 12.