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Tech Links for Students

Hey, LHS students! Be sure to check out the links above for Student Skills Support (these pages are still pretty new...content is being added regularly) as well as the "Careers and Opportunities" page under "For Students." There's a link for the Nerd Herd page too!

Test Prep


For the first time ever, Khan Academy has teamed up with the creators of the SAT to create personalized SAT practice for anyone, anywhere. In March 2016, the SAT is changing, and you can prepare for it on Khan Academy—for free. Obtain personalized practice recommendations and instant feedback on how you're doing. There's also a short video about the new SAT to help you get to know how the test is changing.



Tools for Home Use

Product manuals and reference guides for Logger Pro software, probes and sensors.

You can analyze lab data from your science class at home. Vernier offers FREE downloads of Logger Pro as part of the LHS site license.


Ask your science teacher, or Mr. DiGiovanni, for the necessary password. Without it, Logger Pro will not install on to a machine unless it is overwriting a previous version.

Here are links to download Logger Pro software from Vernier Software & Technology.


Logger Pro 3.9 with sample movies (Windows)
Link: http://www.vernier.com/d/dxl8b

Logger Pro 3.9 with sample movies (Mac OS X)
Link: http://www.vernier.com/d/baghv


Detailed Step-by-Step Guide
Do you need more detailed instructions on how to download and install our software? Please read our detailed download instructions online:

For Windows XP/Vista
If you're using Windows XP or Vista, you will need a compatible version of Logger Pro.
Link: http://www2.vernier.com/download/LoggerPro3_8_7.exe

(Note: Logger Pro 3.8.7 has a different password than Logger Pro 3.9. Please make sure you ask for and use the appropriate password.)