Susan Renard  


Business and Technology Integrator Instructor  
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Basic Overview of Courses

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Digital Media Studies:

Freshman Foundations exposes students to skills needed to be a successful high school student. Emphasis is on using basic computer skills, organizational and study skills, effective communication skills, ethical learning practices and digital systems.

Personal Finance:

Students will learn personal financial management skills that will help them to navigate the financial decisions that they face today and tomorrow. Financial concepts include understanding money, banking, consumer purchasing, consumer credit, insurance, taxes, salary.  


This course will provide students with the basics in Investing topics, such as: what is an investment, investment as a resource and savings mechanism, learning about stocks, mutual funds, diversification, risk, and earnings that will empower students to gain control over their financial future.

Intro to Business:

This is an introductory course designed for students with an interest in business and/or students interested in how business and commerce affect our lives.