ELO Rubrics

The State of New Hampshire is in the process of developing rubrics to measure the essential elements (Reflection, Research, Product, and Presentation) of Extended Learning Opportunities. These are still in draft form and have been customized for Lebanon High School.

Rubrics serve two purposes.
First, they articulate expectations for students and others; rubrics guide the formative steps in students' learning process by describing achievement qualities. Our hope is that students will move from "Beginning" to "Progressing" to "Proficient" and possibly to "Exemplary."

Second, rubrics are used as an evaluative tool at the end of the learning process. A panel of teachers, administrators, and others will review evidence of students' learning and place them on the scale as a summative assessment. This is the final evaluation of students' learning during their Extended Learning Opportunity.

All four Extended Learning Opportunity rubrics are linked below.

Reflection Rubric

Research Rubric

Product Rubric

Presentation Rubric