Thank you for your interest in Extended Learning Opportunities. 
We hope this website will answer all of your questions about the background, scope, expectations, 
and future of ELOs at Lebanon High School. 
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Extended Learning Opportunities
Lebanon High School

Joy Gobin
603.448.2055, Extension 2017
LHS Room S21- Upstairs in the Science Wing

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ELO Collages 2015-2016

Upper Valley Community: If you are interested in volunteering as an Extended Learning Opportunity Mentor, please complete this form.
Matt's ELO Article for 5.12.14
LHS ELO Coordinator 2011-2015: Bonnie Robinson -

Thanks to Kim Carter, Elizabeth Cardine, and Rose Colby for their guidance. 
and the NH Department of Education were helpful and inspiring as we developed our ELO system.