Art Club & Art of the Week

The Lebanon High School Art Club is an informal gathering of students who would like to work on art projects of their own choosing. The Art Club meets Thursdays after school until 3:30 pm, in Room 14.
Advisor: Mr. Jonathan Warren

Here, we share some archived "Art of the Week" features.
Wesley Ritz-Williamson
Scratch Board
Drawing Class

Koki Ndila
Watercolor 6" x 8"
Painting Class

Sky Robicheau
Title: Chip
Medium: Ceramic wheel thrown cup

Cassidy Findley

Ceramics, Pinched Coil Pot​

Modern Figurative Sculptures in the style of Alberto Giacometti, Modern Art class, taught by Mr. Warren.  Made from wire, papier mache, wood and paint.  L to R - Hayley Mossell, Emily Moales, and Anthony Ferraro.

"Texture" by Cole Moulton in clay, glaze and wood for Creativity class.

Koi fish pond sculpture by Kayley Hyde. Clay and melted glass.

Students in Drawing class used the picnic area outside
 to draw the landscape in pastels. This scene is by 
Olivia Smith, using oil pastels.

Students in Sculpture and Ceramics spent class on May 15 
with professional potter David Pellerin, owner of Indikoi Pottery
 in Springfield, NH.  Dave demonstrated wheel throwing bowls, 
vases, and covered jars, and shared entertaining stories 
about his education, career, and business. 
See David's work at

Acrylic painting by Meg Zuttermeister, Creativity class. This painting is an abstract representation of Meg's house. She drew in a soundwave that she recorded in a room, then under the soundwave she painted all the colors that are in that room.

​Congratulations to Anwen Morgan (above), 
who received an honorable mention for her painting 
at AVA Gallery's "Best of the Upper Valley High School Art Exhibition" during the spring semester of 2015.

Ceramic pinch pots by Madeline Main and Olivia Williams

Joshua Rousseau

Junior Anwen Morgan painted this watercolor from a 
photograph she took while on vacation in Hawaii.

This watercolor painting is by senior Natasha Tkal. 
She painted it from a photograph taken while on vacation 
at Old Orchard Beach, Maine.
Brittney Rogers 
Painting 8" by 8"
Modern Art, Graffiti Art based on artist Keith Hering 

Owen Johnstone

Medium: Spray Paint and Acrylic 
Dimensions: 18" by 20"

Margaret Grzegorwicz


Wheel Thrown & Altered

Pop Art painting of Bernie Sanders 
by Modern Art student Meredith Melendy

Self portrait with friend Aaron Damren 
by Owen Johnstone (Painting class)

Drawing in oil pastel by Samantha Brady.

Clay coil sculpture by Alli Duany

Jessica Dessert with her senior exhibition at the 
LHS Art Show, May 29, 2015
In this painting/collage, Morgan Grace represents 
her "community" for Creativity class.

Time Lapse by Max Moorhead

Senior Prabhi Singh painted this watercolor to illustrate the 
month of August. The Painting class created illustrations 
for their own 2015 calendar.

Carter Adams
Anna Truong
Masking tape Mural 
Creativity Class

Elizabeth Jones
pen and watercolor 
5" by 7"

Sage Thibodeau

Title: "Day of the Dead"
Dimensions: 8" by 10"
Medium: 4B Pencil

Landscape in watercolor by Colleta Koki

This pencil drawing by Polina Pivak was exhibited in AVA Gallery's Best of the Upper Valley High School Exhibition in early 2016.

Glaze painted ceramic plate by Sydney Broughton

An observational drawing of a cow skull in pencil 
by Nate Herndon.

LHS Art Show & Senior Exhibition - 2015

An animation by Emilie Marchal

For Creativity class (Mrs. Clary) and Digital Animation (Mr. Todd).
The theme of the project was "your environment," 
and Emilie Marchal combined her desk from her home in France with images and symbols of her experiences this year in the US.

Watercolor illustration by Jasmine Thorpe

Elizabeth Swift

Emily Lyons

This watercolor is by senior Theo Decato. 
The scene is Mt. Cardigan.