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Also available on the Senior Class page: 
the presentation and booklet from this year's College and Career Planning Night.

Important Information

Freshman Hike at Mt. Kearsarge: View from a Drone #1

Freshman Hike at Mt. Kearsarge: View from a Drone #2

2015-2016 Student Photos

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The picture day ID is: VJ085022Q1

Art of the Week

An observational drawing of a cow skull in pencil 
by Nate Herndon.

Formerly featured works from "Art of the Week" 
can be seen in our archives on the Art Club page.

Next Year's SAT
For the first time ever, Khan Academy has teamed up with the creators of the SAT to create personalized SAT practice for anyone, anywhere. In March 2016, the SAT is changing, and you can prepare for it on Khan Academy—for free. Obtain personalized practice recommendations and instant feedback on how you're doing. There's also a short video about the new SAT to help you get to know how the test is changing.

It's Spirit Week!

We look forward to Spirit Week and Homecoming activities this week:

  • Friday- Freshmen- White, Sophomores- Maroon, Juniors- Yellow/Gold, Seniors- Camo; Faculty- School Spirit

We hope to see you at the bonfire on Friday night.


Student of the Month
Jillian Dion, a senior, has demonstrated unflinching selflessness and concern for the well-being of others. She is actively involved in school activities that benefit the larger community, including the LHS suicide awareness walk. On the Friday before that event, it was hardly a surprise for students and faculty to see her at the front door, handing out yellow ribbons before school. Her caring seems to be an active part of her life as evidenced in discussions about uncomfortable topics in Advisory. Jillian always speaks up on behalf of those less privileged, and she gives a great deal to the school. Congratulations, Jillian!

Students are nominated for their genuine interest in learning, respect for fellow students and faculty, contributions to the school community, and/or overcoming adversity.  Students are first nominated and then voted on by faculty & staff.

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SSF Begins the Fall Harvest

SSF (Students for a Sustainable Future) members Julianne Borger and Peter Elder deliver two boxes of butternut squash to Chris Stone in the LHS cafeteria kitchen. SSF started the squash from seed under grow lights in the art room, transplanting the seedlings in May to the raised beds garden behind the high school.  Also harvested this week was a large quantity of swiss chard and some New Zealand spinach.  Soon to come are the carrots and parsnips!  Students can look forward to locally grown fresh organic produce in the school lunches!

InfoSnap Registration

Student Registration Now Open

Questions? Contact Peter Merritt 
at 603 790-8510 x113 

Attention, Parents! Please remember to fill out your InfoSnap school registration for each of your students. Please enter the "Snapcode" that you received at the beginning of school.

Your InfoSnap contact information is very important in case we need to get in touch with you concerning busing, school events, closing and other school related emergencies. In InfoSnap you will also be able to read you student's school handbook and acknowledge important student permission forms.

Lebanon Gym Floor

As our current LHS gym floor is renovated, 
you can secure your 
"Square Foot of History" 
by purchasing a piece of the old floor.

For more information, click here

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Technology In the Classroom

In a 9th grade English class, students gave recitals of sonnets from memory - with the accompaniment of images that echoed the ideas in the sonnets. Read the summary and see more pictures HERE.

NEASC Report

The final report of the NEASC Accreditation Committee is now available: click here.

To see the press release regarding the LHS accreditationclick here.

Did You Know..?

Eight students took courses at Dartmouth last fall. These classes were:
    • Calculus (Several Variables)
    • Economics
    • Intro to Computer Science
    • Computer Science - Discrete Mathematics
    • Arabic
For more information on how LHS students are taking advantage of Extended Learning Opportunitiesclick here.


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One of the many ways we will keep in touch with you is through SchoolMessenger. You may receive messages by phone, email, or phone/email. It is very important that we have current contact information for you! Please contact your school directly if it is necessary to update your contact info.