Lebanon High School Profile

 Lebanon High School
195 Hanover Street, Lebanon NH  03766
Telephone:  448-2055

Grades:  9-12
Students:  716
  • Tom Marshall, Principal         
  • Gina Moylan, Assistant Principal 
  • Amy Tarallo, Director of Curriculum & Instruction 
  • Zac Stevenson, Director of Athletics and Co-Curricular Activities                  

Lebanon High School Website

Lebanon High School offers a comprehensive high school program for students from Lebanon, Plainfield, and Grantham. The faculty is committed to establishing a dynamic environment devoted to excellence, the joy of learning, and the growth of the individual. 

Their goal is to graduate students who are informed, literate, compassionate, and committed to the preservation of a free society.  In addition to the traditional requirements in English, math, science, and social studies, each graduate must complete courses in physical education and health; fine arts; and computer science. Strong college preparatory programs include accelerated, honors, and advanced placement courses in core academic departments. 

Along with a range of electives offered in the traditional disciplines, students may elect courses in business and information technology, computer programming and hardware, teen roles and consumer education, and technology education at LHS. Juniors and seniors may enroll in a half-day program at the Hartford Area Career and Technology Center. Programs range from Accounting and Culinary Arts to Public Safety and Videography. Students needing an accelerated academic program, enrichment,  remedial, or special education services are accommodated through  alternative course work including work experience/work study, independent study, alternative credit, individual tutoring, and small group instruction. Summer school courses enable motivated students to gain credit for courses failed the previous year.

Students are encouraged to take advantage of co-curricular opportunities in drama, art, music, athletics, school publications, class boards and School Council, Math Team, AFS, Youth in Action, Robotics Team, Students for a Sustainable Future, and other clubs and activities.

From 65 to 75% of our students take the SAT exam. In recent years, 70% of our students have pursued post-secondary education.  Approximately 60% of our graduates enroll in four-year schools  after gaining admission to a wide variety of colleges and  universities located in all regions of the United States