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Health Services

Chris Malhoit, RN, District Health Services Coordinator
Office @ Lebanon High School, 195 Hanover St,  Lebanon, NH  03766 |  Telephone:  603.448.2055 ext 2005 |  Fax:  603.448.1356  


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                         Chris Malhoit, RN


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Flu Vaccine Frequently Asked Questions

Student Wellness Advisory Committee

C:\Users\destes\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\1TIRJINH\excited_student_cartoon[1].jpgStudent Wellness Advisory Committee (SWAC)

School districts were required to develop and implement a nutrition policy concerning any food or beverage sold/distributed as outside food service. This includes: Vending machines, School stores, Bake sales, Sporting events, School parties, and Fundraisers.

Mission and Purpose statement:

It is the Mission of the Student Wellness Advisory Committee to inform the School Board and Administration regarding national and statewide nutritional standards and physical activity guidelines.

It is the purpose of the Student Wellness Advisory Committee to recommend to the School Board, polices that promote a healthy culture both inside and outside the classroom.  It is this committee’s goal to encourage and educate students to develop life-long healthy habits.

This committee is open to members of the community, please consider joining us. We meet 4 times per year and the dates are listed on the District Calendar at or contact Chris Malhoit at for more information.

To read the full Wellness Policy as well as the Nutritional Guidelines please visit this link: JLCF – Student Wellness Policy