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Kindergarten Supplies for 2017 - 2018




As we look ahead at needed supplies for our Kindergarten students, we have prepared this list.  By providing this to families early, we hope you will have the opportunity to use the school sales to gather these items.  Thank you for helping your child to collect these items.  With the exception of the clothing, these supplies will be used by all of the children; they do not need names on them.  With limited storage space;  individual pencil cases and notebooks, if purchased should be items for use at home to reinforce school skills.  We realize that these supplies can be costly and want to let you know how much we appreciate for your help.


  • One package of 3x5 index cards


  • Ten glue sticks and one bottle of glue


  • Box of tissues (1 or 2) and Clorox/Lysol wipes (1 or 2)


  • Two pads of post-it notes (any size)


  • Two pocket folders for homework, organization and sorting of class work, and such


  • One box of ziploc gallon size bags and one box of sandwich size bags


  • One Party Pack of play dough (small cans comes in packs of 15 or 10)(if possible Play-Doh© brand)


  • One package of dry-erase markers (thin- low odor if possible)


  • One box of 24 or 48 crayons


  • One package of pencils (prefer No. 2 Ticonderoga)


  • A complete change of clothes for those rainy days, messy art projects, and occasional bathroom accidents


We are looking forward to a great Kindergarten year,


The Kindergarten Team


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Who is Mrs. Schreiber? :o)

Mrs. Schreiber has been teaching at Ellis School since 1998.  She has a degree in Early Child Education and Elementary Education and a Masters degree in General Special Education all from the University of New Hampshire.

In her free time, Mrs. Schreiber enjoys reading, finding new ideas for her classroom, exercising, and running in 5K races.  


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