Welcome to 2nd grade!

We are very excited to have your children in our classes. Please feel free to contact us with any concerns or questions. We are here to teach your children and to make sure they are in a caring and engaging environment.

Mrs. Normandin- I have been teaching since September 1996 at the Ellis School. I am a certified Special Education Teacher as well as certified in Elementary Education.  I enjoy coming up with new, fresh and engaging lessons to keep the children interested and excited about learning. Learning should be FUN.
On a personal note, I married my husband in July 1996 and we had our daughter, Willow in December 2000. We reside in Danville, NH.

Ms. Lathrop - I have been teaching in Fremont since 1988. I received my Masters of Education through the University of New England. I enjoy watching children become vested in their learning. I love providing STEM and other projects to promote increased competence in critical thinking and communication skills. I have three adult sons, and as of this September, I'll be a grandmother of two granddaughters. 

You can reach us by emailing us at: HNormandin@sau83.org    or NLathrop@sau83.org 
or by calling the school at 895-2511
Mrs. Normandin ext 504   Mrs. Lathrop ext 201

*Be respectful, responsible and prepared.
*Do your best and be proud of your work.

Science/Social Studies
Lunch and recess
Unified Arts

                                Mrs. Normandin                                        Mrs. Lathrop
    Monday                  Library                                                        Art
    Tuesday                 Music                                                         Library
    Wednesday            Computers                                                  Music
    Thursday               Gym                                                            Computers
    Friday                    Art                                                              Gym
       * Please remember to wear sneakers on GYM days.

Homework should be practice. Second graders are to do about 20 minutes a night. If your child has attended to their homework for 20 minutes, please feel free to sign off on it. Homework typically includes read for 10 minutes, math worksheet and study spelling words.
Homework is checked for completion. It is not corrected. We will stamp it to mark we have seen it. 


Reading: Read at a second grade level with fluency and expression. Read and answer comprehension questions. Prove answers by going back into the text. Use text features to help explain the text.
Writing: Write research papers after doing shared research.  Write opinion pieces. Write narratives with well developed characters that show emotion, feelings and actions as well as  a solid beginning, middle and end.
Math: Addition, subtractions, explaining their work and thinking, word problems, clocks, money, shapes and measurement.
Science: Investigation and experiments. Plants, habitats and animals. Matter and landforms.
Social Studies: Heroes, Community, Important People

Computer sites for practice and research


Game Goo            

Moby Max            


national geographic for kids     

maps and populations of the world