Grade 1

Welcome to First Grade
2016 - 2017

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Rules and Behavior Expectations
  • Be Respectful, Responsible and Prepared
  • Students earn an Ellis Slip for displaying these behaviors

  • Homework goes home in folders Monday thru Thursday and is expected to be returned the next day. No homework on Fridays!
  • Children should be practicing spelling words and reading their paper booklets every night.
  • Make time for bedtime stories and reading the books you have in your home libraries, too!


  • Reading: Read at a first grade level with fluency and expression. Read and answer comprehension questions. Prove answers by going back into the text. Use text features to explain the text.
  • Writing: Write narratives with a beginning, middle and end. Write opinion pieces providing support for the opinions. Write nonfiction pieces based on shared research gathering facts.
  • Math: Operations and Algebraic Thinking, Numbers and Operations in Base Ten, Measurement and Data, Geometry
  • Science: Activities and discussions about animals and their survival, light, sound and communication waves, and plants and their needs.
  • Social Studies: Community, Civics

      Daily Schedule

        8:30 Arrival/Bellwork
        3:05 Dismissal

First Grade Unified Arts Schedule
         Mon.   Tues.      Wed.   Thur.     Fri.
1CLibrary  Technology  Wellness Art Music 
 1D  Technology Wellness  ArtMusic  Library
1S Wellness  Art    MusicLibrary  Technology 

**Don't forget to wear sneakers on your "Wellness Day!"

**Don't forget to bring your library book on your "Library Day!"