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BMS Math Instruction

Helping students with their math homework is challenging during the middle school years.  Instructional methods have changed!  At BMS, Math in Focus is being utilized in grades five through eight. This is a brand new math curriculum which is a traditional math program that concentrates on understanding and thinking. It is the US edition to the highly acclaimed and successful Singapore math curriculum which also aligns to the national Common Core State Standards. It focuses on " problem solving, deep understanding, and model drawing “ so students are better able to solve real-life problems. Students in algebra and pre-algebra have different textbooks.  Each of the BMS math teachers has a website that can be accessed through the Shaker Regional School District Website.   They include homework assignments and web addresses for additional practice.

Math in Focus Resources for Parents

Language Arts and Math Sites:
  • - Many different skills to work on at multiple grade levels
  • Arcademic Skill Builders - Various topics and games, some that can be played against other students or family members on line
  • Flash Card Generator -
  • Virtual Manipulatives -
  • Sushi Monster - a free app that encourages mental math ability for addition and multiplication
Common Core State Standards CCSS)
       **Language Arts -