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  Teacher:  Kathleen Smith, M.Ed.                

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Title I is a federal project designed to provide opportunities for all children to meet challenging content and performance standards.  This purpose is accomplished in two ways: (1) by providing children supplemental support through enriched and accelerated education programs; and (2) by providing instructional personnel in participating schools with substantial opportunities for professional development.  It was reauthorized in 1994 as part of the Improving America’s Schools Act.  The standards for Title I programs have recently been modified to reflect the new No Child Left Behind legislation of January 2002. 
The schools in the Shaker Regional School District that receive Title I funding are Belmont Elementary School and Belmont Middle School.  The allocation is based on the percentage of students qualifying to receive free or reduced lunch.   
Based on current research and best practices, the majority of our Title I funds are used for intensive reading and math support in Kindergarten  through Grade Eight.  A student’s eligibility at the Middle School is determined by a combination of the student's performance on the annual state testing, the student’s performance on school-wide assessments given three times a year, and teacher recommendations. 
Title I students receive services during Intervention in small groups and through support in the classroom. Tutorial sessions are also available before and after school. 
Parent involvement is a critical aspect of the Title I Program.  Title I schools are required to provide assistance to parents to help them support their students at home.