Spanish classes

Spanish at BHS is taught by Sra. Hampton. 

I acquired my language skills living in South America and later university studies.

Exciting news:  We have a partnership with Lakes Region Community College.  Running Start college credits will be offered for successful completion of Spanish III and IV.
Spanish club meets once a month for at least one hour after school. We might travel overseas every other year.  We offer many fund raising opportunities. We also do philanthropy.

The dates of Spanish Club with the following itinerary follow. If you are interested in assisting with recipes, ingredients or supplies or running for office, we will hold elections the first meeting.  We will also decide on a philanthropy project and discuss new fund raising endeavors for activities and future travel.

Keep your eyes open for events for field trips and or please contribute any suggestions.

Sept.-Oct. Hispanic Heritage month

Nov. Día de los Muertos celebration

Dec. Holiday craft

Jan. Tres Reyes celebration Torta

February Carnival

March Community fair

April Feria

World languages at BHS are electives.  They are not required for graduation.  A minimum of two to three years of the same language  is recommended if the course is needed for future college admission.  Learning language is complex and colleges want to see continuity of effort.  Learning a language has proven benefits.  Studying a language helps organization and study skills, the ability to read for meaning based on contextual clues, reinforces grammar and improves writing and test scores.   A student will learn more about their own country, culture and language studying others.  

Students must practice daily. Basic  suggestions to study vocabulary and grammar include making flash cards, retyping notes, or organizing your binder. 
If students use their dictionary to look up a word in English they should get into the habit of checking the Spanish to make sure it is the right word choice.  Translators are to be used as a dictionary not a tool to do all the work.  Written and spoken uses of Google don't always recognize exactly what you may be looking for so you should use an online dictionary that gives you multiple choices and uses of a particular word. If you misspell a word it will give it back at you spelled mistakenly so be careful. 

The key components of vocabulary, grammar and culture are practiced and assessed by interpreting what is heard and read, presenting individually and conversationally and in writing and speaking.

Traditional skills are developed with Comprehensible Input. This happens when the material studied through stories. The language and content can be acquired in a natural way.  Students listen with intent to understand and support the flow of conversation by listening while one person at a time speaks and participating whenever possible. 
Sharon Hampton,
Jan 24, 2016, 9:43 AM