Hello!  I'm Mrs. Clifford, your child's third grade teacher.  I've been teaching at Belmont Elementary school since 1996.  If you need to contact me you can call, write me a note in your child's home to school folder, or email.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know

About Third Grade

(Mrs. Clifford’s Class)



If you need to talk to me about curriculum, discipline or general school concerns please feel free to call me at school.267-6568 or email me at kclifford@sau80.org.  A homework -newsletter will go home once a week to let you know what we’ve been doing and what we will be doing.  Parent teacher conferences will be held twice a year  You may contact me ANYTIME to schedule a meeting. I love to have people come in and help out anytime you are available.  However in order to volunteer you need to have a volunteer affidavit on file and your fingerprints done. 

Volunteers needed to:

Type class phone book

Room parent to arrange class parent

Please let me know ASAP



If your child is going home a different way,  please make sure you write me a note in the home to school folder.  Please make sure to include address, names, and dates



Snack milk is $.40

We will be having one small snack a day.  Our school provides every child that wants one, with a fruit or vegetable once a day.  I will have a sign up chart for children to sign up for a free fruit/vegetable each day.  They can bring in their own drinks or purchase a milk.  I would like to encourage children to bring in a water bottle with their name on it to keep on their desks.


Breakfast & Lunch

Breakfast 1.65       Lunch $2.65         Lunch Milk $.40

Please put all money in an envelope with your child’s name on it.  Mark on the envelope exactly what the money is for. Due to privacy laws please do not mark how much money is in the envelope as I am not allowed to know. Lunch is scheduled for 11:55-12:20.



Recess is scheduled once a day from 12:20-12:40.  I may bring the children out for a mindful wellness break at other times during the day.



Please let me know a few days ahead if you wish to provide a birthday snack for the class on the day of your child’s birthday.  We have 21 children and we sing the birthday song, they get to pick a book from the birthday box, and have a special snack if you so desire.  The federal government requires that all snacks be healthy ones. (no sweets



Monday: Art

Tuesday: Music

Wednesday: Library

Thursday: PE and Computer

Friday: Guidance



Home to School Folder

In order to keep my sanity and yours, your child will need to bring their home to school folder home every night and return it every morning.  The folder will be used to send home papers from the office and myself.  There is a form in the folder for any written personal communication between us.  Homework will be sent and returned in this folder.  Please check over your child’s class work as I sometimes ask them to redo them at home for homework or I may jot you a note if they needed extra help to complete the assignment.  Any child that misplaces their folder will be asked to bring in a new one from home.


Book Orders  

I will be sending home book order forms once a month. If ordering by check please make sure that you make the check out to the book club and not to the school or myself.  Again I ask that you place the order in an envelope with your child’s name and what it is for marked clearly on the outside.  If the order is meant as a gift and you want it kept a secret please let me know and we’ll work it out.


Items from Home

Just a couple of things to remember when your child is asking to bring things from home to school.  First, it is school policy that toys should not be brought to school unless requested directly by the teacher for a specific activity.  Second, the item could get broken accidentally by your child or by another child, which can cause a great deal of hard feelings.  Third, many times items brought from home are a huge distraction for the child all day long. 



If there’s anything I may have missed don’t hesitate to call. 


Mrs. Clifford