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Welcome to  2017-2018 School Year!

Our goal this year is to develop skills to help us in school as well as in our future. Children must develop basic skills to problem solve, think critically and creatively, work as a member of a team while retaining individuality.

Our classroom is centered on respect, responsibility and using good judgment. Throughout the year we will be learning about social skills which help to make us productive members of society. We will be developing these skills through the use of the school adopted “Responsive Classroom”. 

¨Literacy:  A major part of each day is spent on literacy instruction – the subjects that aim at developing a student’s comprehension and use of written and oral language.  This year we are implementing the Reading Street program as a major part of our Literacy block.

Reading Block: We will use the guided reading aspect of a balanced literacy program to expose children to a wide range of literature, and to teach comprehension strategies as well as the Reading Street reading program.

Students will have the opportunity to see themselves as readers and will build their fluency, the ability to read smoothly.  At this time, children will be reading “on their own level” from a variety of books, encompassing all genre.  Individual conferences will be held with students about their books. These conferences will be child specific.  The content of these conferences will help your child become a better reader.  Each student will have a share day. During the conference we can rehearse what they will share if your child is nervous about sharing in front of the class. 

Writing Block:  Writing is an integral part of literacy instruction.  Writing time begins with a short mini-lesson where the teacher models a strategy or a writing sample for the students.  These lessons will include things like, grammar, the mechanics of good writing and especially author’s craft. Individual conferences will be held to differentiate instruction in the child’s writing.   We work with the expression of ideas, application of skills, conferencing, and written revision.  In addition, we will be using lessons from Lucy Caulkins to motivate and improve writing.

¨Mathematics:  The math program we use to guide our Math learning is Math in Focus.  This rigorous and balanced curriculum addresses the major mathematical content domains:  number sense, algebra, measurement, geometry, data analysis and probability.

    Students use everyday real world problems and situations – while also building and maintaining basic skills, including automatic fact recall.  The design of this program allows children to build mathematical understanding over a period of time.  Students’ first experiences are through informal exposure, followed by more formal and direct instruction.  This program spirals, in other words, your child will be exposed to the same concept several times before they are expected to “know” how to do the skill.  Daily routines and games are a necessary part of the program, not optional extensions. 

Some weeks there will be one assignment a night, other days there may not be an assignment.  Additionally, I will be sending home math games for skills practice. Please spend some time playing these games with your child !

¨Science: We have four units of study in Science this year; Life Structures, Force and Matter, Earth’s Systems, and the Scientific Process. All these units provide students with hands-on, experiential learning opportunities that will guide students through the scientific method. We will also spend time on Inquiry as a process in Science. This year we will also be learning about the Engineering Design process as we take on challenges and solve problems.

¨Social Studies: This year in Social Studies we will be focusing on our state of New Hampshire. We will also study map skills, economics and citizenship throughout the year.


Our grading policy has undergone a change as we move to a Competency- Based learning environment. We are currently making a transition to a Proficiency Scale Model.  A proficiency Scale is a set of descriptions of a learning goal. Each level describes a stage in the development of the learning goal. Each learning goal is assessed on a 1-4 scale as described in the Shaker Regional School District  grading policy. While this looks very different from the 100 point scale of grading that we had in school, we hope it offers a clearer picture of each learner. 

This year we will begin reporting out using our Learning Management System, Empower. 

Look for more information on this change in upcoming Compass Conversations!


Daily Specials

Each day the students have a special to enhance their education.

Monday- Music with Marvelous Mr. M

Tuesday – Health/ Guidance

Wednesday –Art

Thursday- Physical Education 

Friday- Library / Voice and Choice

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our classroom. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me here at school 783-9944 or by email at acameron@sau80.org . I look forward to working with you and your child throughout the school year.

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