Canterbury Elementary School has a full time school nurse. A school nurse works as a partner with parents, teachers, and administrators to protect and promote the health and safety of all children. If a student is injured or becomes ill during school hours, the nurse will assess him or her. Emergency first aid and support measures will be provided until a parent or guardian can be contacted. Should it be necessary for an ill child to leave school at any time during the school day, the child will be released only to a parent, guardian, or adult authorized by the parent. A child may not go home alone.
Throughout the school year the school nurse also conducts various health screenings and makes appropriate health referrals. Immunization and health records are compiled and maintained throughout a student's educational career.
Health counseling is provided to students, parents, and staff. School nurses teach students, families, and staff about health problems, health care, and self-care. At CES the nurse presents weekly health lessons in grades K-5.
Please contact your school nurse, Mrs. Reed, whenever you have questions or concerns about your child's health (783-9944) or email at mreed@sau80.org
It is critical that parents/guardians notify the school nurse if there are any changes in the student's medical condition or in the daytime phone numbers of parents or emergency contacts during the school year.