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This year’s CES school-wide theme is Civics and Citizenship. Students will be covering topics such as why there are rules at home and at school, what patriotic symbols mean, and how people can effectively work together in groups. They will be learning about our nation’s past, the constitution, and how our government works.  This will all tie in well with our social curriculum, Responsive Classroom, where children learn how to take care of themselves, take care of others and take care of our environment. “There’s a tie in to participation that comes from learning about civics at a young age and through higher education. Successful people are those who understand how government works and what it means to be a citizen.”Taylor-Thoma, vice chairperson of the Maryland Commission for Civics Literacy.

Assembly - 10/2/15
Includes second-grade poetry, a presentation from the SPCA, and fall star students.

CES Assembly 9 2 15

Stamp Contest Winners

Assembly - 9/11/15

CES Assembly 9 11 15

Open House 2015/16

CES Open House 15 16

One-room School Visit 2015

Students from CES went to a day of school at the one-room schoolhouse in town. The focus for this year was 1943. Mrs. Gingrich and the Canterbury Historical Society organized and led the five days of visits. 

CES One-Room School 2015



Constitution Day Play

Constitution Day Play 2015

Pictures From The First Week

CES First Week 15 16

CES  Remembers - Memorial Day 2015

CES Memorial Day 2015

Mrs. Wieck's fifth grade, along with Mrs. Gingrich and Mr. Gingrich, learned about, made, and launched rockets. Check out the progress below. 

Rockets 14

Parents may log in to view student artwork that your child has been working on in art class with Miss Cotnoir. Click on the link below.