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Head Lice Information

Head Lice

Head lice have been a nuisance to people for thousands of years. They are annoying but cause no disease. 

 The most common sign of head lice is itching. This is caused by the body’s reaction to the bites from lice.

 Research has proven that head lice cannot live off a human head for more than 1-2 days. This means a louse off the head is a dying louse.

 Nits are very hard to remove from hair shafts and do not simply fall off. Newly hatched larvae need to find a head quickly or they will die.

 Head lice are harder to get than a cold, flu, strep throat or pink eye.

 The best prevention for head lice is early detection at home. Classroom transmission of head lice is rare and checking entire classes for head lice has not been shown to reduce the number of students with head lice and is a waste of valuable teaching time. 

 Please check out the following links for more information on head lice and treatment. 

Treating Head Lice