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Grade 8 - Inventions/Industrial Revolution

Online Resources: Inventions & Industrial Revolution 

Airplane, Aviation, The Wright Brothers
Assembly Line

Steam Engine 
Telegraph & Morse
Transportation, Automobiles, Trains, Etc.

“How did this invention impact American history?”

“How did this invention impact the American economy?”

Pathfinder Key Words

Model T, automobilerefrigerator dishwasher   
lie detectorairplane typewriter 
steam locomotivetoilet paper steamboat
telephoneshort wave radio phonograph/gramophone
zippersroller coaster burglar alarm 
band-aidsincandescent light bulb gas mask
insulinneon lights roller skates 
mechanical cash registerbicycleassembly line, Henry Ford 
traffic signals helicoptersewing machine 
tractorkleenex zeppelin/airships
escalator electric fanblue jeans 
microwave ovenmetal detector cinema/moving pictures/film
wireless telegraph power loomwashing machine