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These sources provide access to published material from journals, magazines, newspapers, encyclopedias, reference books and government collections. Because of dedicated search tools and indexed materials, subscription databases provide a greater chance that you will find accurate and relevant information in your search than if you use a general search engine on the world-wide web.

Students and staff of Belmont High School have access to the databases listed here, many made available through the New Hampshire State Library. From computers on campus, users should be able to access some resources without a username or password. Students and staff can access indicated databases with the correct login information, which can be acquired at the library circulation desk.


Britannica Online: (Encyclopaedia Britannica) Online interface for both the Encylcopaedia Britannica and the Compton's Encylopedia, as well as access to the Meriam-Webster Dictionary, a world atlas, and multimedia reference materials. It's the Britannica, f'r cryin' out loud. What more do you need? A notarized seal?

MAS Ultra: (EBSCO) Collection of popular magazine articles and reference materials specifically designed to be relevant to and appropriate for a high school audience. With full-text articles, biographies, and primary source documents as well as images and maps.

Academic Search Premiere: (EBSCO) Full-text articles from more than 3,600 peer-reviewed scholarly publications. An excellent expert resource for thorough research into advanced topics in the Humanities or sciences.

JSTOR: (JSTOR) provides access to more than 10 million academic journal articles, books, and primary sources in 75 disciplines, including American Studies, Art History, Business, Economics, Education, Science, Mathematics, and Public Health. And excellent resource for archived and current scholarly research.

Student Resources in Context: (Cengage) Connected resources from the Gale suite of databases collected to support high school research projects.  Featuring full-text articles from online encyclopedias and indexed periodicals, as well as searchable maps, diagrams, images, and videos connected to research content. 

Gale Virtual Reference Library: (Cengage) A collection of online encyclopedias in Business, Geography, Literature, Health, and more! Look up entries exactly like in a print encyclopedia, and save as a .PDF file for future reference and note-taking. An excellent way to have trusted sources by dedicated experts and editors, but in your web-browser.

Visual Dictionary Online: (Merriam-Webster) Trying to find the name of that thing? You know, that place on the object that kinda looks like the, uh... The Visual Online Dictionary has a comprehensive selection of labeled images, allowing you to discover the proper names for parts of various familiar and technical objects, and to find out the meanings of words by viewing the images they represent.

Funk & Wagnalls Encyclopedia: (EBSCO) Over 25,000 records, covering an array of topics, updated annually. The database contains various images, offers brief biographies as well as information in a variety of subject areas.

News and Current Events

Newspaper Source: (EBSCO) Provides full text for regional U.S. newspapers, international newspapers, newswires, newspaper columns as well as other sources.

New York Times Academic Site License: (New York Times)  Students accessing this page from computers on the Shaker Regional network or wireless have complete access to the current news, as well as the full archives from 1981 to the present, with select access to prior articles (see below). PLEASE NOTE: This does not require a login on campus, but access does not extend to home use.

Times Machine:
(New York Times) Searchable PDF scans of every page of the New York Times from 1851 to 1980 — perfect for scrapbook and diary projects, historical perspective, and simply for access to daily news for nearly 130 years.

(EBSCO) A topic-based research tool focusing on directing users to browse current events and biographical information and then link topics to articles, essays, and primary source documents.


Business Source Premier: (EBSCO) Business Source Premier: Government Edition is the industry’s most used business research database, with full text coverage in all disciplines of business, including marketing, management, MIS, POM, accounting, finance and economics.


Ferguson's Career Guidance Center: (Infobase) Information on more that 4,000 two- and four-year colleges in the United States and Canada in the "School Search" section and a "Comprehensive Jobs" category featuring data on 3,400 jobs and almost a hundred different industries. Additional support is provided for developing resumes, cover letters, and for career planning.


Teen Health & Wellness: (Rosen) Rosen Teen Health & Wellness is an award-winning online resource, provides middle and high school students with nonjudgmental, straightforward, standards-aligned, curricular and self-help support. Topics include diseases, drugs, alcohol, nutrition, mental health, suicide, bullying, green living, financial literacy, and more.

Consumer Health Complete: (EBSCO) is designed to support the information needs of patients, and to foster an overall understanding of health-related topics. CHC provides content covering all areas of health and wellness from mainstream medicine to the many perspectives of complementary, holistic and integrated medicine. With full text from more than 250 health reference books and encyclopedias.


NoveList: (EBSCO) Read everything you can find by your favorite author? Looking for a book with a certain kind of main character or a particular plot? NoveList is an excellent resource for finding something to read and making connections between genres, authors, and stories. Useful features include "Describe a Plot," "Find a Favorite Author or Title," and "Find Similar Books."


EasyBib: An online citation tool and handy collection of guides to help you organize your bibliographic information with all the proper formatting and punctuation.  Now updated for MLA8!


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