Welcome to Mr. Frick's Class Website

Welcome to Mr. Frick's Class Website

Graphic design is about effective communication. The challenge of graphic design is to create unique and memorable visual solutions to enhance the effectiveness of message that is being communicated. You as a graphic design student will use a combination of computer skills and your visual creativity to make design images for stand alone artwork, presentations, websites and printed materials. These images can be stills, animated or interactive. Graphic designers have many career options as most large companies require websites and branding imagery to be done by an internal design department or an outside design firm. 

While we go over the course syllabus and expectations in class, students and parents can review the course information found to the left in the navigation bar. I want everyone to be successful in my class. My best suggestion to you to accomplish this is to be present, fully engaged and do your best. When you are absent you do not get the benefit of the full class discussion of a project or technique. 

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