Welcome to the Concord School District Physical Education/ Health Website.                              

We are proud to serve in a District with a commitment to physical education, activity, health and wellness.

The PE/ Health department faculty is committed to ensuring that students develop a passion for learning and experiencing wellness to shape the future of their lives and communities.

Our Students will be:

1. Active self-directed learners who inquire creatively about their world and develop a lifelong passion for learning

2. Informed decision makers who define issues, research alternatives, consider consequences, solve problems, and make choices that demonstrate intellectual integrity and rigorous evaluation

3. Effective communicators who write well, read widely, listen perceptively, speak clearly, and use language, numbers and symbols to convey and receive information.

4. Effective collaborators who assume various roles to accomplish group or community goals, using knowledge, compromise, cooperation and respect.

5. Creative producers who use invention, design and critical assessment

6. Life planners who use the skills and knowledge they have acquired to pursue personal and career goals that foster physical, emotional and mental well-being.

7. Community participants who understand and practice our democratic traditions and values, including honesty, fairness and respect for human dignity and who believe they have the capacity to impact their lives and communities.