Welcome to the first Tech Tips and Tidbits newsletter! Every two weeks a new newsletter will be emailed to you and posted here on the Tech and Media website. It will be brief but have important tech information as well as some information about current classroom integration projects. Enjoy!

iPad Expectations: I'm happy to review or introduce expectations with your class before you begin using your iPads. Let me know a time that works for you!

PicCollage: Many classes are integrating some technology into their Hopes and Dreams by using PicCollage. Check back later next week for a few student samples! If you are interested in this project, let's set up a time!

Raz-Kids: Raz-Kids is up and running for all students. Accounts have been transferred so student reading levels are set to where they left off in the spring. The Raz-Kids app is on all student iPads. You'll find the app in the "Literacy" folder. Look for the image of the robot.

Student Logins: Toni and I are in the process of creating new login cards and spreadsheets with student logins. Usernames remain the same as last year. Passwords are now: =ID numberBMS

iPad Headphones: Over the next few weeks we will sort out headphone numbers and provide new ones to those who need them. I'll send out an email about this later in September.