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Week of 9/29 Tech Tips and Tidbits

posted Sep 28, 2014, 5:11 PM by Melisa Scott
LCD Projector Bulbs: Did you know that your LCD projector bulb should last an average of 3 years? This information was shared with me during a recent Technology Integrator meeting. I've noticed that we have some bulbs that are nearing the end of their "life" at BMS. In order to extend the life of your bulb without turning your projector on/off every time, use the A/V Mute button next to the orange Power button on your control box. This will turn the bulb off without turning off the entire projector. When you want to use the projector again, simply press the A/V Mute button and it will turn the bulb back on. If you're not using your projector and the screen is bright blue, that is using up the life of your bulb. 

iPad Carts: I am going to begin our "fresh start" this week. I am going to start with the carts that came to us from Rundlett. I have received the codes for the paid apps for these carts so it makes sense to get those up and running at 100% first. Please DO NOT let this whole process deter you from using your iPads!

Destiny Quest App: Each of our student iPads has the Destiny Quest app installed. This app is a direct link to our library catalog. Students can sign in with their Windows login (without the =) and search for books of interest to them as well as where they are located in the library. They can also create lists of books that they are interested in. What a great tool to use before coming to book choice each week! Please let me know, or use YouCanBook.Me, if you would like me to do an introduction to this app with your class!

Tech Spotlight: Bamboo Paper is an app that is new to all student iPads. It is another notetaking app and a great alternative to Paper 53, which we had in the past. Bamboo Paper is currently being used in a first grade for word wall practice. Students have their own notebooks and are adding pages each week as they practice both spelling and handwriting with word wall words! The app Popplet was used in a third grade class last week as a way to brainstorm story ideas and leads. Students now have an organized visual when they need an idea to write about or a way to get started!