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Week of 9/15 Tech Tips and Tidbits

posted Sep 14, 2014, 4:54 PM by Melisa Scott
YouCanBook.Me: So far two teachers have signed up for technology integration using the YouCanBook.Me link. One teacher has used it a few times and says, "I love it! It is so easy!". Please feel free to sign up for integration times using this site. In the "Notes" section, please put in a few details about what you would like to do when I come into your classroom. I'm also requesting a 24 hour notice for sign-ups so that I have time to meet with you briefly and prepare for our time. To access YouCanBook.Me go to the "Calendars" tab in the BMS Tech and Media website or in my email signature.

Teacher iPads: I would like to sync your teacher iPads beginning Thursday, September 18th. Why the 18th? Because iOS 8 comes out Wednesday!! I will be adding apps, updating apps, and updating your operating system so that your iPad closely mirrors your student iPads. This process is fairly quick so I will stop in to pick up your iPad at some point beginning Thursday.

Headphones: Student iPad headphones should be in your classroom. If you have new students or are in need of replacement headphones or plastic bags, please send me an email and we'll deliver them to you. 

TypingWeb: TypingWeb accounts are now available for students in grades 3-5. The TypingWeb website is available through the BMS School Links site on the student iPads (down in the dock). Student usernames and passwords match their Windows logins. A spreadsheet will be sent to you with your student account logins. If you'd like me to come in and do a TypingWeb introduction/review please let me know or sign up in the YouCanBook.Me site!

Tech Spotlight: We had many classes use the app PicCollage for Hopes and Dreams. What a great way for students to share their goals! This app is now going to be used in one classroom to create infographics, which are visual images that show information or data.