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Week of 4/11/16 Tech Tips and Tidbits

posted Apr 10, 2016, 5:17 PM by Melisa Scott
Headphones: Thanks to the PTO, we now have 150 additional sets of headphones for use with student iPads. If you have a new student or a student who does not have a set of headphones, please let me know and we can provide a pair. Just as we did last year, headphones that are still in working condition will be passed on to the next grade level teacher during our "Move Up" time. 

Saving Student Work: Now is the time of year to begin thinking about saving student iPad work into Google Drive. A great starting point is to make a list of student work/projects that you would like to see saved. I can then work with you on the best way to move these projects into Drive. Some items, like things already stored in Drive, are very simple to move while others require a bit more work and sometimes some creative workarounds. If you could begin making a list of projects, I'm happy to either come in and walk your kids through saving items or work with you on how to get everything moved in to Drive. Next year we will work towards saving work throughout the year so it becomes a regular routine for students.

Smarter Balanced Testing: Third grade Smarter Balanced testing is complete! Thanks to everyone for their flexibility, patience and support! Fourth grade will be testing in May. I will send out another copy of the testing schedule later this week as a reminder to those involved.

Tech Spotlight: Fifth grade prepared for the science expo by using the Media Center computers to prepare data tables in Google Docs and graphs in Google Sheets. Creating data tables and graphs are skills that students will need as they move into middle and high school. You will find their work on display during the science expo this week! One second grade has been using the app SeeSaw as a sort of "digital portfolio". In SeeSaw the teacher has the ability to assign an assignment and students can capture their learning through a note, video, photo, or drawing with the ability to audio record on each feature. This app has tremendous potential for every classroom and provides a way for students to independently document their learning (and use less paper). I recently visited BGS to see SeeSaw in action in a third grade class and was amazed with what the kids were doing. Now is a great time to test out the app and see how it can work for you. Then in the fall we can roll it out to students from the start of the year. Let me know if you are interested!