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Week of 12/7/15 Tech Tips and Tidbits

posted Dec 6, 2015, 8:35 AM by Melisa Scott
Christa McAuliffe Tech Tips: I attended the Christa McAuliffe Technology Conference on Tuesday and Thursday last week. I visited many great sessions and have some ideas focused around STEM and other activities for BMS. Stay tuned for that. Below you will find a few simple tips that I learned from various sessions.
        -Choice Eliminator: this is an add-on to a Google Form that allows choices to be eliminated once they have been selected. This would             be another option for parent conference sign ups, volunteers lists, classroom party sign ups, etc. There are many uses for this little add         on.
        -Google Timer: this is a simple timer that you can use in the classroom. Simply google the word "timer" and set it to your desired time.             This timer includes seconds, minutes, and hours. There is also a stopwatch component.
        -New Gmail Inbox: the new inbox allows for more organization within your mail. It will filter out promotional emails, social emails, and             leave your primary emails in your inbox. The promotional, social, etc. emails appear as tabs along the top of your inbox. This is a great             organizational tool!
Let me know if you would like to test out any of these tips and I can get you started!

Hour of Code: The Hour of Code is here! We will focus on coding/programming this week both in the classroom and in Media Tech classes. Media Tech classes will focus on coding throughout the remainder of December and part of  January as well. I have some tech activities around coding as well as some non-tech activities planned. If you are in grades 4-5 and would like to have your students do some of these activities as well, let me know! 

BMS Makerspace: Last spring I received a Concord Trust Grant to start a makerspace in the BMS Media Center. This makerspace will begin running when we return from our holiday break. It will be a space where students can be creators, inventors, and work on some small STEM challenges. It will also have a coding component as well. Stay tuned for more information!

Tech Spotlight: Part of the first grade has begun using the Scholastic Classroom Magazine app to read and discuss their Scholastic News. This is a simple way to make the iPads a more seamless and integrated part of the school day. Students are publishing written work in Book Creator in many classrooms. This is a great way to share written work. ThingLink is being used in a couple classrooms to create interactive maps of the world and New Hampshire. The world map will show customs around the world and the NH map will highlight important places and things in our state.