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Week of 10/27 Tech Tips and Tidbits

posted Oct 26, 2014, 5:03 PM by Melisa Scott
FREEZE: Have you ever needed to do something "behind the scenes" on your iPad or laptop while using your projector with students. You can! Your Epson projector remote control has a "Freeze" button on the lower right side. This will freeze the screen you are projecting and you can either exit the app or the program on your laptop to do something else. To unfreeze, simply press the "Freeze" button again.

iPad Practices: When students are using their iPads at their desks, please remind them to keep the iPads on top of their desks. This will allow you to view their screens from various points in the room. It is easier to "hide" when iPads are propped on knees or the inside of desks. Another important reminder is to use two hands during any typing opportunity. Thumb typing is not going to be helpful on a regular keyboard or during an assessment.

Apple TV Heads Up!: The Apple TVs tend to default to the featured movies when the iPads sleep or bump off the wireless. Last week and likely this week, there is a movie featured with a title inappropriate for students. To avoid this, either press the A/V Mute button quickly or use the right arrow on your Apple TV remote to move the selection off of movies. The "Home Sharing" or "Settings" options are both safe and if chosen a few times, your Apple TV should begin to default to that instead of the movies.

Printing: Trying to print single sided copies on Follow You but they are coming out double sided? There is an important check box that is checked off if this is happening. It is located in the Print menu (appears after you do File-Print) down towards the bottom. A check mark will copy double sided. Uncheck that box for single sided copies. 

Tech Spotlight: Technology integration is happening in Literacy Arts classes! Ms. Nicosia has been using a few different apps, such as Tools4Students, Popplet, and Trading Cards, to review story elements as well as character traits with students in third grade. Another great example of combining literacy with technology! First grade has been working with the Bitsboard app to practice word wall words through the games available in Bitsboard. Remember games can be customized to meet either individual or whole class needs!