Report Cards: The format of the new report cards makes it very easy for you to add in your grades and comments for each student all in one spreadsheet. Please let me know if you need support with getting started (once the spreadsheets are available). We can do a brief after school session if there are many teachers who need support or we can do a one on one session. I'm happy to help!

Lexia: Lexia is up and running in all classrooms. Thank you again for your time. I have heard from a few teachers that some students are getting a "fatal error" message. The company has found a bug in the app which should be fixed with the next app update. As soon as that update is available I'll send it out to all iPads and hopefully that will fix the issue. If you continue to see other issues with Lexia, please let me know.

Tech Spotlight: A fifth grade class used Facetime to connect with another classroom in VA to talk about the book Pax which is part of the Global Read Aloud. Another example of digital citizenship and global communicators! Third grades have been using Popplet as a formative assessment of the distributive property. Some third grades have also been using Google Drive to edit their work and teachers have provided feedback through the commenting feature.