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End of Year Tech Tips and Tidbits

posted May 30, 2016, 5:18 PM by Melisa Scott
The end of the year is arriving quickly. Most student iPads will be traveling with them to the next grade level. The exceptions are fifth grade and kindergarten. Fifth grade iPads will cycle back down to first grade and the kindergarten iPads will remain in the kindergarten. There are a few things to be done with the iPads before June 17th. Please see below for more details on each of these items.

iPad Software Update: It appears that the newest software update, 9.3.2, fixes the app crashing issues that previous versions had. I would like to update all BMS iPads, including teacher iPads, before the end of the school year.  The best time to update is at the end of the day when there is less wireless traffic. The iPads can update overnight and be reload the apps. I would like to update by grade level and will be around to schedule this with you at some point this week. 

Camera Rolls/Photo Albums: In order to maximize space on the iPads, students should delete all photos in their camera rolls before the end of the year. Most classes have now saved all projects/artifacts to Google Drive so it is no longer necessary to keep photos in the camera roll. If you would like me to get your class started on this process, please let me know!

Screen Cleaning: Please plan to clean iPad screens during the last week of school. That way they are sanitized and ready for the fall. We have spray bottles in the Media Center that you are welcome to borrow. You can also use Clorox/Lysol wipes. Please remember to dry the screens with a paper towel after cleaning. 

June 17 Move Up: During Move Up time on June 17th I would like all students to bring their iPads (no power cables) to their new classroom. iPads should be completely turned off and put into their new cart. They DO NOT need to be plugged in, that will just turn the iPads back on. They can stay powered off for the summer until I start assigning new apps in August. If there are students who are absent for Move Up, a classmate can take their iPad to the new classroom during that time. Headphones and book check out shelf markers should also travel with students during Move Up time. 

Looking Ahead to August: Just a brief overview of what's to come in August. At that time, I will assign iPads to new students who have moved in over the summer. Apps will be updated and assigned by grade level. I will move power cords so that each cart matches the number of iPads. First grade iPads will be re-labeled to match our first graders.