6th Grade Homework Friday December 15, 2017


    Pilkovsky: Abracadabra Worksheet

    Hayes: None

    Johnson: none

    Lemire:   TEST Monday on Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying, & Dividing Fractions

Language Arts: 

    Pilkovsky: ABC Order for Unit 3 Week 2

    Hayes: Spelling test tomorrow  
    Drinen:  1.  Complete page 69.    2.  Finish book.  Final illustrated draft due Thursday.


    Pilkovsky: Group Work - Vocabulary Test Thursday 12/14 - Review words here---------> https://quizlet.com/_45him2

    Hayes:  Group work, study vocab - test is December 14th
    Casale:  Reading Log - Study Vocabulary for Quiz Thursday


    Hayes: Study cell notes, think of cell model ideas

    Seager: Cell City Project due Friday Dec. 22

Social Studies:

    Pilkovsky: NONE
-Review Chapter 1 materials in preparation for Chapter 1 Test (Friday) 
-Students can use this link https://quizlet.com/_44nhm7 to study the vocabulary words from the chapter.