About Me

I have been a teacher at Barrington Middle School for over nine years. Prior to becoming the Technology Integrator, at the start of the 2016-2016 school year, I taught Language Arts.  It wasn't unusual for me to use technology in my Language Arts class. My students created multiple digital projects throughout the years, including iBook pages, websites, and class blogs.  

I believe my familiarity with technology as well as her background as a classroom teacher make me an excellent resource when it comes to integrating technology in the class.  I work hard to find new methods for teachers at BMS to incorporate technology into their curriculum with ease and simplicity. I truly believe technology is suppose to be a tool that helps facilitate the students' learning, not something that distract from the concepts or skills being taught.

This year my goal is to increase the number of teachers using technology within their class to implement their lessons and/or enhance or further engage their students’ learning.