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posted Oct 14, 2016, 10:36 AM by Christina DeBello   [ updated Nov 2, 2016, 8:53 AM ]
There are many teachers in the building who like to have their students create video projects. This could be a trailer for a book they've read, a presentation for a class, or even movie scene for an event recently studied in class. Unfortunately, the school has a limited number of iPads so making a movie using iMovie gets difficult at times. Especially when multiple students have been using the same iPad and it is already in use, leaving one student with no access to their project.  Well, I have a solution to that very problem...WeVideo.

Now may of you have no idea what I am talking about at all, or maybe only have a fuzzy recollection of me 
mentioning it before. WeVideo is a powerful and easy-to-use. cloud-based collaborative video editor, available through the chrome web store as well as online. Students can use their school issued google account to sign in and begin working on their video project. The best thing is that they will be able to access, edit, add to, or modify their project anytime and from anywhere they have internet access.

WeVideo is very similar to iMovie and many students have found it easy to use when they get in and explore a bit.  WeVideo has several similar features that iMovie has, including storyboard themes that allow users to drag and drop media into a theme based layout, which includes color backgrounds, theme-based frames, existing text boxes, transitions, and even background audio at time. Users can easily upload media to be used in their video, record mini clips to include, as well as audio for voice overs. The program also includes several editing features that allow students to manage the length of time an image is show, the speed the items run, as well as many different media transitions.  

WeVideo is linked to the students accounts once they sign in with their google account, so once they finish creating a video they can download it to their drive (in their new WeVideo folder) and can either share with others or even turn in through the Classroom.  

There are a few things to keep in mind though. We are currently using the free version of the program and there are a few limitations.  Students can only create up to 5 minutes of video and can only keep 2GB of media stored in the cloud.  Also any movies they make and either download or upload will have a restricted resolution quality and will contain a watermark indicating it was made using WeVideo. These minor inconveniences are not, in my opinion, a deal breaker but are something to keep in mind.

So the next time you think you want to assign a video project, or want the students to create a visual 
                                                                                                                    representation, think about using WeVideo.