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Using Your Interactive White Board

posted Sep 30, 2016, 11:07 AM by Christina DeBello   [ updated Oct 24, 2016, 9:00 AM ]

“The whiteboard is not a magic carpet. It will not float into your classroom and whisk your troubles away. It is more like investing in a new house, certain things are in place when you agree to the purchase, not all of it is organized as you would like, but with the careful gathering of the things you need, and a few new installations, it soon begins to feel familiar. However, it will need continued love, investment and maintenance to ensure that it remains adequate to be your C21st home.”  
---Diana Bannister

After years of interactive whiteboards being touted as the next best thing for engaging students, the unfortunate reality is that while they have become common in many schools, they are often used as glorified projector screens. Interaction may take place with the board, but more often than not it’s being directed by the teacher and students merely consume the interaction in a passive way.

It doesn't have to be this way!

I hope that with a bit of guidance and a lot of patience we can begin to take advantage of the technology we already have in our classroom....the interactive whiteboard (IWB).  

I realize that many teachers have not had any formal training on how to use their Eno Board and I will admit mine was limited to an afternoon workshop, on the last day of school, before I even got my Eno Board. However, I have found that if I really wanted to learn to do something I had to put the time and effort into researching how to do it.  Thankfully I have already some of the leg work and have found several easy to use online IWB resources.

First things will need to make sure your pen/stylus works. A few teachers have an older stylus that requires batteries, you are going to want to replace those with a new one. The rest of the staff have newer rechargeable stylus, that will need to be charged. 

In order to actually use the pen, once it is charged it must by paired with your computer. This can be done using bluetooth on some of your computers, but many will need to use the bluetooth receiver that comes with your pen. Once it is paired you can start using your Eno Board.

You do have to have your computer connected to the projector in order to use your Eno Board. You can do this using your dongle or Apple TV.  Once you have turned on your projector, verified it is connected, and paired your pen you will be prompted to set up the display. Simply tap each target as it appears on the screen to set the parameters for your Eno Board display.  

Basically your stylus acts as a wireless mouse for what ever is displayed on the screen. However it can do more than just that.  The Eno Interactive Whiteboard magnetic icon strip can be used to interact with anything showing on your computer screen, including a Word document, the Internet, or the image under the document camera. The different icons allow you to interact in a variety of ways. Click on the images below to access a key for your icon strip.

A list of some great interactive whiteboard resources and activities guaranteed to stimulate learning.

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