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posted Nov 2, 2017, 9:25 AM by Christina DeBello   [ updated Nov 2, 2017, 9:36 AM ]

GoGuardian, a provider of Chromebook management and protection software for schools, has unveiled GoGuardian for Teachers, a classroom management tool designed for Chromebooks.

GoGuardian Teacher: Classroom Management Made Simple

GoGuardian is designed for schools with 1-to-1 Chromebook initiatives. It provides teachers with a portal to direct students' attention to specific online resources and close off-topic tabs on one or more devices. The goal of GoGuardian for Teachers is to help keep students on-task and away from inappropriate content.

Key features of GoGuardian for Teachers include the following:
  • Screen Viewer, which provides a live stream of students' screens in a single window
  • Activity Timeline, which includes real-time history of students' device activity
  • Tab Control, which allows teachers can open a site in a new tab on one or more student devices
  • Attention Mode, which lets teachers close tabs, darken screens and lock devices to help direct students' attention
  • Scenes allow teachers to set a customizable set of rules to push out to one or more of their GoGuardian classrooms including; opening a tab automatically for the entire class, limiting the number of open tabs allowed, and setting a range of approved or blocked websites for a session

Important information and tips:
  • Since our schedule rotates the times and days of a class you can use the advance schedule feature to automatically set up your classes to record sessions even if you're not logged into GoGuardian---keep in mind any schedule changes will require you to manually start a session
  • Google Classroom classes can only be uploaded to GoGuardian once---if you share a class with another teacher you will want to have your co-teacher add you to their GoGuardian class  as a teacher to allow you monitoring access (found under Settings)
  • Once you have uploaded a Google Classroom to GoGuardian it will be updated every hour to ensure any new students will be added to GoGuardian
  • You can exclude students from sessions when absent so you are not recording their activity if they aren't even present in your room
  • Once you end a session a summary will be sent to your email address--you can access and review to double check what your students were doing during the recorded session, but will no longer have access to view their screen in real time
  • If your session is not running long enough, you can extend your session by selecting update session and add more time by selecting how many more minutes you'd like the session to run

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