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Flippity and Classtools

posted Dec 6, 2016, 9:27 AM by Christina DeBello   [ updated Dec 6, 2016, 9:31 AM ]
There are many different sites out there to help teachers create digital resources for their classroom, the problem is knowing which ones to use. I have found a few easy to use, yet still engaging digital resource sites. has been around for awhile, and it was something I used in the past, but recently stumbled upon again at a conference. uses a Google Spreadsheet as the basis for flash cards, random name pickers, badge tracker, quiz games and several other useful digital resources.  By simply selecting the activity you'd like and filling out the template to fit your specific fields you have laid the foundation for a fun, entertaining activity.  

I recently used to create flashcards to review internet vocabulary terms.  Once I filled in the template I was able to share the link via classroom and my students could practice using the flashcards and play review games to see how quickly they could match words with their definitions. Flippity flashcards also has a few extra features teachers enjoy like the ability to print word lists as well as both digital and print options of vocabulary quizzes.


Classtools has a wide range of digital resources, some of which are a bit easier to use than others. In the past I have used to create games or activities that allow the students to get up an interact with my smart board. For example I made a Connect Fours game, but unlike the board game where students drop tiles to get four-in-a-row this game requires students to find four items that related and figure out how they are related to create four-in-a-row. It was easy to type in a list of words and how they were related and the game took care of the rest, randomizing the order of the words and timing the students. Students were able to come up and use the stylus to manipulate the board and it was a lot fun.

There are many other digital resources available through, for example there are retro-themed review games like pac-man, a projectable timer, puzzle makers, timeline creators, and many more options I have not even explored yet. Most of the review games include a few examples, which I encourage you to play around with to see if you find it easy to use and entertaining yourself.