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Britannica ImageQuest

posted Oct 27, 2016, 10:00 AM by Christina DeBello   [ updated Nov 2, 2016, 8:59 AM ]

I was just recently introduced to this feature in Britannica. Mrs. St. Jean discovered Britannica ImageQuest while reviewing the invoice for the program. Apparently we have been paying for this amazing resource and never even knew it existed. So I decided to do a bit of digging on my own.

Britannica released ImageQuest five years ago, with the intention to provide educators and their students with millions of rights-cleared, pre-sorted images in one easy-to-use site. Currently there are over three million images within the ImageQuest database that come from over 45 well-known, respected resources, including the British Library, DK Images, Getty Images, and the National Portrait Gallery, as well as Encyclopedia Britannica.  The images collection contains high-quality photos, maps,and drawings on nearly everything in the world and all have been cleared for noncommercial, educational use.  Britannica has even made sure to review the graphics carefully to ensure they are appropriate and meet the standards of their database to ensure safe and easy access for students of all ages.

This fabulous resource will allow us to assign digital projects and make it even easier for students to find appropriate, rights-cleared images without wasting time browsing through the world wide web.  All they need to do is access the Britannica database, just like they would when completing research, and in the top right corner on the home page you will see ImageQuest highlighted in yellow.  If the students click on that it bring them to the homepage of ImageQuest and they can begin their search.



Once a student has found the images they'd like to use they can download them and insert them into any digital project they are working on. Students can modify their search for specific collections, horizontal versus vertical images, or even search for clipart only. Britannica ImageQuest also provides citation information that can be copied and pasted into your students' work cited pages to ensure they give credit when using the images. 

ImageQuest is an excellent resource and in my opinion needs to be used all the time. Our students waste too much time scrolling through hundreds of images found in a Google search, only to find out they can't use the image because it isn't licensed for reuse. ImageQuest has already taken the time to scan through millions of images and gather ones together for our students to find and use with efficiency.  So as you plan future projects, whether it's a video, slideshow, or even a poster, please keep in mind this fabulous new resource is only a click away.

Britannica's Image Quest Winner of:

2014 ISTE “Best of Show” Award 
2011 Distinguished Achievement Award from the Association of Educational Publishers