The Art Curriculum is based on the National Core Arts Standards, which is divided into four content areas:

Creating (works of art)
Presenting (choosing and preparing artwork for display)
Responding (interpreting, classifying, comparing and contrasting works of art)
Connecting (why people make art, art in a cultural and historical context)

Students have the opportunity to view, analyze and discuss the artwork of many artists as well as create their own. They view each other's art and learn how to give positive comments. Third and fourth graders create artist's statements. 
 Students are introduced to artwork from all eras and places, as well as 'meeting' the artists who created them.

Artwork can be viewed on the bulletin boards outside the art room and in the display cabinet in the lobby. An art exhibit of selected student work is held at the Barrington Town Library in April. The Fourth Grade Art Show is held in June to coincide with the Band and Choral Spring Concert.

At the end of the school year, all students bring artwork home in their individual portfolios.

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