Ms. Miller-Social Studies


Student binders contain should contain all of the work we do in class and the contents brought home periodically. 
Binder contents went home today - 2/18

Homework (updated 2/18)

ALL BLOCKS:   Please check powerschool to be sure you don't have missing work!

Studies Weekly #6 - classwork on Monday becomes homework if not finished. DUE FRIDAY so no homework over vacation. Can be re-printed from google classroom. 

Chapter 4-1 summative assessment grades have been posted in powerschool. Please see assignment comments. Reminder: Reassessment eligibility includes all of the following:
    • having had evidence of studying on original test day
    • a 2.5 or lower on original test
    • arranging a meeting with me to go over test and evidence of studying 

A digital version of the escape games done in class for review will be posted (google classroom) after the last class tomorrow (2/6) 
3 out of 5 will count as evidence of studying

No new current event this week.

GROW atlas work is now being done in class and new scoring rubric is posted.

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