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To create your bibliography - get out your citation slips and go to:
Select MLA format......then
Select MANUAL input.....then
Select the correct SOURCE TYPE (the tabs at the top).....then
Enter your information for all citations.  That's IT! If you don't have something it's asking for, just leave that field blank and move on.
It will generate a citation for you, but you will still need to highlight it, copy it, and paste it into a document titled "Bibliography".  You will need to edit your final document yourself to be sure it's alphabetical and looks nice. Attach to your final draft before turning it in.

Remember, when doing an online search, make sure your are looking at accurate, timely and reliable websites.  The websites below are all teacher approved.  Choose websites which support the focus of your research.

****Information you need to write down on the notefacts page when you take note facts from a WEBSITE***

1.     Name of website:

2.     Title of the article/heading of page:  "Snowboard History and Facts"

3.     Author (if there is one): Bob Pickles

4.     Date website was updated (usually on the bottom of the screen): 12/1/13

BMS online resources

World Book  id:  Barrington4all   pw: 03825

Britannica   id. Barrington08  pw:03825

EBSCO  (search on reading level for news articles )  id: BarringtonM  pw: 03825

General sites with more links