Frequently Asked Questions...

What can I do to support my child during this transitional year?

Check Powerschool to keep track of your child's grades.  Read correspondence sent home by the team. Stay informed by checking this website and the BMS website.  Create a quiet work area for your child at home with the supplies s/he needs such as pencils, paper, dictionary, etc.  Ask your child what s/he is working on.  Ask to see his/her planner and talk about upcoming assignments, assessments and projects.  Limit screen time - including computer and game time.  Encourage reading at home and model good reading habits yourself.  Spend time with your child; your interest and encouragement means the most at this age.

What is Success Block?

Success Block is a period of the day when your child will return to his/her advisory and have additional academic support/enrichment as needed.  It is a quiet, structured work time.  It is also the time of the day when students can seek additional help from team teachers, get a start on homework, practice study skills, and get organized.

What is Advisory?

Advisory is a small group of students who meet with the same teacher each morning for the entire year to build a sense of community, belonging, and academic and social support.  The advisor is your first point of contact with general questions about your child's progress.  

What is a Behavior Notice?

A behavior notice is a form indicating a student was not exhibiting SAFE, RESPONSIBLE or RESPECTFUL behavior at school.  It is a formal communication to both the student and parent indicating an opportunity for improvement and should be signed by the parent and returned to the child's advisor the next day.  Any questions about a behavior notice should be addressed first to your child's advisor.  While we make every attempt to resolve issues as they occur at school, we do feel it's important that parents are kept informed of their child's actions on school grounds in order to maintain a SAFE, RESPECTFUL and RESPONSIBLE learning environment for all students and staff at BMS. Multiple behavior notices during a trimester may result in disciplinary action.

What is the "Common Core" that I'm hearing about?

The common core standards are the 'buzz' in education these days and  they refer to the way students' learning will be focused and assessed.  Common core standards have replaced the N.H. "GLEs" (grade level expectations).  A helpful link if you're interested in learning more about this topic is right HERE.

What are Student Led Conferences?

In the middle school we feel it's very important for students to take ownership of their learning. By taking an active leadership role in parent conferences, your child will engage you in a discussion of his/her progress, strengths, and challenges so far this year. Your child's advisor will also be there to go over 'big picture' academic progress and address any specific questions you may have that your child is unable to answer. Your child has been actively working on gathering work samples to share with you and has an 'agenda' that s/he will be following during the meeting. This is a wonderful time for a family discussion about school and a great way to empower your child as a fifth grade student and show your support of his/her efforts at school. If you have specific questions that the advisor cannot answer, the appropriate teacher will contact you for follow-up in a timely manner.






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