Yellow Team News:
 December field trip permission form can be found at the link on the left for Forms, Permission Slips.  
Please notify your advisor if there are any changes to the health form filled out earlier in the year.  

Scholastic Book Orders are due 12/7 to reading teachers.  Order on online or through order forms handed to students.

Welcome 5th Graders! 

Homework is posted on this page daily for parents and/or as a backup. Students are still expected to write their homework down in their agenda books.  

Grade 5 conquers Mount Major 

Math with Ms. Kelso 

    * Please see News link for online textbook access

Math Homework:

Block A: none
Block B: finish Eli and Sara graph
Block C: none
Block D: none
Block E: finish packet

                    Science with Mrs. Place

We collect tubes all year so please send in paper towel, toilet paper or wrapping paper tubes!  

Social Studies with Mr. Harris 

Grade 5 Social Studies Website

Social Studies Homework:

- Current Events.
- Some students need to finish their "explorers summative artistic project".  Projects that are unfinished at the end of the trimester will be graded "as is".

Reading with Mrs. Katz

Scholastic Book order information is at the top if this page.  Orders due 12/7.

Reading Homework:  Week of 11/20 Gobble up a good book!
*  Ready Log #13 is due 11/28 and 11/29 
*  Fluency Project  - All students have a fable which should be practiced daily through the first week in December.  

I encourage students to read at least three times a week.   All reading outside of reading class should be logged.  Students and families decide when to read.  The baseline goal is 120 minutes per week.   

Students should hand in a log even if they miss school or Mrs. Katz forgets to pass out new ones. :)

It's not about the log, it's about the reading!
Blank logs can be found here.  Student made logs are always welcome.  
General info and grading for logs can be found here.
Information on why I choose to have students log their reading can be found here.  

Language Arts with Ms. Grand 

Language Arts Homework: 

Notice about vocabulary homework: Since RTI has started and happens during success block as well as many UAs, I have decided to make my vocabulary pages part of my classwork and will no longer be assigning weekly pages as homework.  

Quizzes will continue to be bi-weekly. 

We will be taking a short break from vocabulary for Thanksgiving break! Enjoy! 

Mrs. Lundgren- Case Manager

Unified Arts

Respectful, Responsible, Safe

Barrington, NH